Power Racks

A power rack, also known as a squat rack or weighlifting cage, is a very popular solution for creating a multi-functional workout area. The foundation of the rack is a perforated construction consisting of upright posts, a pull-up bars and crossbars. The bare rack is like a motherboard for a PC, so its selection is very important. The compatibility with accessories depends on the rack’s dimensions, which gives the rack unique multifunctionality. A power rack with accessories and attachments can create ideal conditions for exercising – the barbell hooks will be where you want them, the bars will be at the height that suits you; everything is modular, so you can set the equipment to the ideal position.

Usually, the power rack has 4 or 6 posts, but there are also more multi-directional options. The important identifier of the rack is its independence – it does not need a wall for its existence and in most cases is not even necessary to anchor it to the floor. The power rack can be easily assembled and, when combined with accessories, it becomes a highly versatile workout station, allowing you to perform a wide range of exercises in a self-contained environment.

There are variations of weightlifting cages that can be smaller in size than a 2-post squat stand. However, there are also custom cages available that can be several meters in size and accommodate multiple people working out at the same time.

The size of the power rack also affects its stability. Naturally, as the size decreases, the stability of the rack worsens. This can be solved by anchoring it to the floor or by adding stabilizing feet.

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