PROFILE: 80 x 80

PROFILE: 60 x 60

Are you interested in some custom made solution? Not a problem. Here is an overview of the basic components for assembling your ideal power rack. If you need advice or do not see the component you would like, do not hesitate to contact us.

Our rigs and racks are so modular that it is not possible to include all available options in the e-shop. For inspiration, you can see an overview of constructions that we have implemented and designed to suit customers.


Our power racks, rigs and stands have been the pride of FITRON’s portfolio for many years. A few steel profiles and one afternoon in the garage are not enough to produce a proper construction. Our designs were created by combining professional production technology, long-term listening to customer requirements and knowledge of the coaching community. Each element is assessed to suit the functional as well as the design side. Production, but also the design is realized directly in Slovakia.

Rigs and racks are available in 2 versions: CLASSIC series and M-Series. They offer opportunities to meet the training goals and budget of any gym – whether professional or home fitness.