Wall Mounted Rigs & Racks

A wall-mounted RIG, like a rack, is a versatile stand or pull-up bar for your workouts. Additionally, it provides:

  • Excellent rigidity and stability
  • Lower cost – the wall ensures stability, eliminating the need for extra components.

Wall-mounted workout rigs must be firmly attached to both the wall and the floor. If drilling into the ground is not feasible (e.g. due to underfloor heating), alternative measures such as wall-mounted bottom brackets or a sub-structure must be used to secure the uprights of the rig.

Foldings Racks and Rigs

There is no stand, rack, or other  workout structure that uses space more effectively than a foldable rack. After the workout, you can fold the structure against the wall and use the valuable space for something else, such as parking your car, ironing, sports or another type of training.

Another advantage is that these folding  racks are only mounted on the wall, no anchoring to the floor is required.

Load capacity: The stand of the construction is placed on the ground, so there are no compromises made in terms of load capacity compared to other types of workout rigs or racks.

Rigidity: After folding the rack, there is a clever locking system available that ensures a firmness comparable to that of conventional fixed wall mounted rigs (that cannot be folded).

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