Dip Bars & Parallettes

Paralettes are a type of gymnastics equipment used for training and performing exercises that require strength, balance, and coordination. They are typically made of wood or metal and resemble short parallel bars, hence their name. Paralettes are a popular tool in calisthenics, gymnastics, and crossfit training. They can be used for exercises such as push-ups, dips, handstands, and other similar movements that work the upper body and core muscles. Parallettes are mainly used for:

  • Hanstands
    • Beginners often like training handstands on parallettes because they don’t require as good wrist mobility. Of course, the main advantage of parallettes is that they are not as high as classic bars, which significantly affects the fear factor and comfort. For many, handstanding on parallettes is easier (compared to a classic handstand on the ground). Advanced athletes can perform deep handstand push-ups on parallettes (head goes under the level of the hands) and easily combine movements into various combinations – L-Sit –> Handstand –> Push-up, etc.  
  • L-Sits – a popular exercise for core and mobility training – can be easily adjusted by bending or extending legs.
  • Push-ups – among the advantages are:
    • different execution to add variety to training;
    • relief of sensitive wrists;
    • a more effective form – elbows closer to the body.
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